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  • Focus On | URKO Clamps

Focus On | URKO Clamps

  • All About URKO

    URKO began its activity in 1927 with the manufacture of furniture locks and construction.  Subsequently, a new line of hand tools was incorporated, particularly the Clamping Tools.

    Over the years, it was developing new and qualified products until reaching, at the current stage, the recognition of a multitude of users throughout more than 40 countries where they are distributed; having achieved a level of leadership, especially in the Clamping field.

    URKO currently produces more than one million parts per year and is a recognised leading brand in Europe.

    One of the main axes of the Company is its R+D+i department, where innovative products are conceived and developed: High-Performance Clamps, Screw Clamps, Quick Clamps, Lever Clamps and Hydraulic Clamps.

    These developments are a clear example of the philosophy of the company, based on customer requirements; the consequence of a pragmatic innovative effort that brings unprecedented solutions to the market; significantly reducing work times, minimising manual efforts and providing tools with advanced ergonomic designs. 

  • Applications & Benefits


    ·        Powerful clamping with less effort.

    ·        Dusty environments or under fluids.

    ·        Outdoor environment, humid or salted.

    ·        High precision clamping.


    ·        Ball bearings mechanism, no friction at all.

    ·        Sealed mechanism and permanent lubrification.

    ·        Protection against punching, welding projections, dust, and oxidation.

  • MOD. 4003-P

    Screw Clamps "Super Extra" with powerful Clamping with less Effort.
    • Nodular cat Iron Jaws, New ergonomicdesign
    • Bar attachment to the Jaw by a Rivet Free System - PATENTED
    • Trapezoidal TreadTotally Sealed and Permanently lubricated
    • Handle withmultiple Choices of positioning
    • High resistanceSteel Bar
    • Hardened Steel Brake
    Clamping Piston in two versions
  • MOD. 4003-L

    Progressive quick clamp with lever. Reliable and resistant. More effective with less Effort.
    • Jaw-Bar fixing with Rivet-Free System. Patented.
    • Clamping system by lever
    • Hardened Steel Brake
    • Release Tigger
    High resistance profiled Steel Bar with better Elasticity.

    To view the full range and to buy online, visit Rapid Welding.

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