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Fronius TransPocket 150/180

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Equip yourself for every task with the Fronius TransPocket 150/180

Every welding task presents its own unique challenges. Poor weather conditions, remote sites, tight or confined spaces, lack of access to a stable power source .... these are all factors which can compromise a consistent seam quality and a weld that will last. 

Of course, this is all possible with the right welding solution.

The Fronius UK TransPocket 150/180 Arc Welder Power Source are small and robust, fully digitally controlled manual electrode welding machines with resonant intelligence. 

Why We Love The TransPocket

  • Up to 180A Electrode
  • Up to 220A TIG
  • Wide range of variants with additional options
  • Excellent ignition properties and voltage fluctuation compensation for high arc stabilitY, even with a long mains leads of up to 100 metres or fluctuating mains voltages
  • Low weight and robust construction 
  • Stable arc and low spattering thanks to digital resonance inverter technology
  • No electrode adhesion during the ignition procedure
  • Welding parameters for cellulose electrodes can be selected
  • Manual metal arc pulse welding
  • Ideal usage of existing power supply through PFC technology (Power Factor Correction)
Welding can take you anywhere, and the TransPocket is perfect for jobs where you need to be flexible and for extreme working conditions. Built to last, equip yourself for every task with the Fronius TransPocket.

Available From Rapid Welding, the TransPocket 150 and TransPocket 180

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