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Our Systems Are Now Even More Rapid - Major Systems Upgrade!

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Our Systems Are Even More Rapid!!!

Our Systems Are Now Even More Rapid!

Rapid has now completed the last phase of its major systems upgrade. This has seen significant investment across all areas of the business. Our continual development of new features for our award-winning website meant we upgraded our web server first - Handling over 56,000 items, along with all the customer portal features needs some serious hardware! This means a speedy website for our customers worldwide and also ensures our account customers can benefit from super fast access to their information online. Things like seeing order progress, order history, customer pricing, and not forgetting the full visibility on the portal of all our service department data such as asset history, lifetime service costs and, crucially, the validation status of an asset with previous certificates are important and now easily available. Our comprehensive LEV testing results and reports can also be viewed and downloaded. If our engineers have seen or worked on your equipment, a QR code will have been issued which can then be scanned for instant access to that machine’s information.

With all the enhancements to the website and portal, we decided it was also time for a new and updated look and feel to further amplify our brand image, and the new Rapid website went live in Spring this year. We used outside designers and functionality experts to give our online presence the wow factor, whilst maintaining the ease of use which we’re all used to. As you can imagine, upgrading the website and all its products and features has been a massive project, and our IT and Web Content teams have certainly been hard at it. It’s a work in progress, but we’re rapidly getting there.

The final part of the jigsaw was to upgrade our internal systems to keep up with everything else. We replaced an aging cluster (it’s an IT thing…) with 2 new all singing, all dancing, very expensive servers utilising the latest bleeding edge storage technology, this so our staff no longer saw the ‘circle of doom’ as they called it. The new hardware means that all areas of the business - from stores, service, admin, web team and accounts through to the external sales team - now have access to information everywhere much faster.

All in all, it’s been a busy year and lots of hard work, but we’re now able to make the Rapid experience even better, faster, brighter and shinier….

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