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Welcome to the Shiny, New and Spatter Free Rapid Welding Blog

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Sparks and Spatter - The New Rapid Welding Blog

Rapid began blogging back in 2012 in conjunction with a major website overhaul; the vision being to provide our customers with a more informative, interactive and user friendly resource. The inclusion of a blog to share company news, product updates and the occasional Rapid escapade story, seemed a great addition to our services.

More recently, because we like to keep things shiny, new and spatter free, the Rapid website has been improved once more, and so, too, has the Rapid Blog.

A huge thanks must go out to our IT Director Dave, who led the way in the development process of the new website and blog, and to Rich who created the marvellous banners and graphics for the homepage. Thank you also to everyone who took part in the marathon task of testing the all important functions, such as the check out process - very important! 😆, and proof reading the content to ensure we could go live on time - it was a real team effort right through to completion, and it couldn’t have been achieved without any of you. When a PayPal order came through within 30 mins of the website going live, we were reassured that our lot had, as always, done a fabulous job!

So there we have it, the new website and the new Rapid blog - We'd love to hear your feedback! Please feel free to follow the Rapid and RentArc social media pages - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and stay up to date with our latest news throughout the year.

Chao for now 👋

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